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My Biography

Jessica Guastella


from Sicily (Italy) arrived in the UK in the Summer of 2012 and began dancing and assisting her teacher in her local area. In 2015 Jessica achieved her Diploma in "Performing Art (Dance)" at the Peterborough Regional College. 


 Jessica taught and performed alongside her dance partner all over the UK & Europe for 6 years. 

She now teaches on her own around UK and outside, working with different organisers and event promoters in Parties, Festivals and Congresses.

 Her unique style is infused with a mix of Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Latin, Commercial, Street Dance and many more. 

In 2019 joined the Y.D.P. (Youth Dream Project) team and teaches dance to primary and academy schools.


With energy to spare, if there is music she is dancing! Jessica believes in her students, challenges them, pushes them, and educates them with discipline, respect, and a hard work ethic through the art of dance. 

Her style of movement focuses on power, strength, musicality and performance. 


Credits: ⁃ Winner of LUKAS Tropical Dance Performers of The Year 2017 ⁃ Finalist in the 'UK Dance Elite Championship' competition 2015 ⁃ Degree in Performing Arts (Dance) 2015 ⁃ Winner of LUKAS Tropical Dance Teachers of The Year 2015 ⁃ Winner of LUKAS Tropical Dance Performer of The Year 2015 - Dance Teacher Qualification 

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